The House


Gourmet is a brand that truly defies categorization. Above all, cornerstone influences are Italian and Italian-American culture. From old world Italy and its grand tradition of menswear tailoring with luxe fabrics and trends that have driven the fashion market.  To Italians in the metropolitan enclaves across the USA at batting cages and local giglio feasts wearing sweatpants with an undeniable swagger; Gourmet is all of the above.

For Years, refined Italian and casual All-American men's looks have been imitated, rehashed, reworked and reinterpreted season after season but never before have they collided as they do in Gourmet. This is a new, revolutionary, remixed laid back luxury inspired by Italian culture, food, style and music. Gourmet is both high and low, style forward yet familiar, chic and gauche. Each piece possesses an understated complexity that underlies Gourmet's high concept DNA.




Conceptualized in December of 2005

Co-founded by Greg Lucci

Lucci started his career on the retail side.  Starting the Chaos Shop in Santa Monica in 1993, which expanded into 3 locations in Southern California.  In 1998 he moved to Fred Segal as lead buyer and fashion consultant for men’s apparel, footwear and accessories.  While at Fred Segal, he contracted and consulted on an international project for Adidas, and helped launch Adidas Originals.  This category for Adidas is currently a multi-billion dollar business.  Lucci then helped launch Los Angeles based golf fashion brand, Rosasen with Chris Rosasen and partners.  Greg the moved back to NYC to take the position of Vice President of Zoo York.  There he was responsible for Zoo York’s overall business, marketing and creative, as well as playing a key creative role in Mark Ecko Enterprises, such as Complex Magazine, G-Unit Apparel, and ME Collections.  Lucci also has launched his own jewelry line, Ends, and is also on contract with Adidas working on the O by O David Beckham capsule.

Currently owned and operated by Greg Lucci and his partners at Clean Plate Club, LLC




Collection History

The following segment contains snapshots into past projects, past collections, past collaborations and behind the scenes images that paint the picture of our brand.  A set of snapshots that spell out what Gourmet is...














































Over the years, the collections have received many accolades and industry attention on a global scale.  From vertical publications to trade press and from opinion maker web logs to main stream editorials.